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Dave Wilson An ongoing series of candid video conversations with the Founder and President of Wilson Audio. Topics include his philosophy of sound reproduction, as well as thoughts about the state of the audio industry.

Part I: Influence and Inspiration (6:18)

Dave talks about the early influence of Wharfedale's Gilbert Briggs on his passion to build loudspeakers, and considers the myriad technologies available to the modern day designer.

Part II: The Elusive Quest: Making Loudspeakers Sound Like Live Music (7:34)

Why does live music sound different than reproduced music, and what are the design parameters most responsible for closing the gap?

Part III: Edward Millington Stout III and the Science of Voicing (2:19)

How a renowned organ technician gave Dave the inspiration for a scientific approach to maximizing the accuracy of his loudspeakers in real world environments.

Part IV: Audio Fundamentalism (4:59)

Given the myriad equipment choices available to the audiophile, when does passionate self-identification with a particular brand or technology cross the line from the occasion for free-spirited discourse into something less savory—something detrimental to to the sense of community in the high-end, and, ultimately, to the enjoyment of the music itself?

Part V: What We Can Measure vs. What We Love (6:14)

It is well-recognized that two amplifiers with identical measurements can sound very different. Is the same true of loudspeakers? And, if a loudspeaker could measure "perfectly" according to all known parameters, is it still possible for it to produce less than satisfying sound?

Part VI: Epiphany in Vienna: Designing a New Driver (3:18)

How the characteristics of one Austrian Concert Hall, universally praised for the beauty of its sound, provided the insight for Dave to design the new Wilson midrange driver.