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Audio Technique HiFi Show 2011 -- Hong Kong


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Music Matters at Definitive Audio, February 9, 2011
Six Rooms in Two Days
Alexandria at the Venetian, 2011
30 Year Reunion
Behind the Scenes at CES 2010
MAXX3 Loudspeaker of the Year Award from Stereophile
Debuting Sophia 3 at the Definitive Audio Home Theater Experience June 2010
Music Lovers Event
Wilson Audio at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest
Alexandria at the Venetian, 2011
CES 2011 marked a milestone for Wilson Audio: the first time the company has provided a pair of their six foot tall, eight hundred pound Alexandrias for an electronics manufacturer to use in their room at the show. Vladimir Lamm persuaded Dave Wilson to undertake the logistical challenge so that Wilson's flagship loudspeaker could be heard with Lamm's flagship ML-3 monoblocks. The resulting collaboration earned the pairing "best sound at CES" from more than one reviewer.