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Wilson Audio loudspeakers are designed for home use by listeners who value their ability to reproduce the sound of live music. When coupled with the speakers' robust construction and inherent compatibility with a wide range of electronics in varied listening environments, these combined traits have persuaded many professionals in the fields of recording, music, and education that Wilson loudspeakers can also be indispensable tools of their respective trades.

On this page we share with you some of their stories in a series of videos that take you inside the professions where Wilson products have proven to be just as at home as they are in your home.

SnowGhost Music Recording Studio
Wilson Audio in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Recording Studio
Wilson Audio in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Recording Studio
Every Sunday morning, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcasts a live performance over the CBS Radio Network, the nation's longest-running continuous radio show. Trent Walker, the recording engineer in charge of the broadcast describes the process that led him to select Wilson loudspeakers for the control room, and the impact his decision had on the quality of the broadcast sound.