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Best Sound (cost no object)  - by Steven Stone
The Absolute Sound
Once again, the VTL/Wilson/DCS/Transparent Audio Room on the second floor (2030) garners my vote for best sound at the show. It was my first time hearing the Wilson Alexia speakers and I was more than slightly gob smacked by the system’s ease and power. Comparing Peter McGrath’s recording of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue with my own recording over the system was a revelation. I’ve never heard a more revealing, yet still musical system. The reproduction chain seemed virtually non-existent as we compared microphone placements and listening perspectives of the two recordings. - read more
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 • Best of Show
The Audio Beat
Top-level VTL electronics -- including the Siegfried Series II monoblocks ($65,000/pair), TL-7.5 Reference Series III line stage ($20,000), and TP-6.5 Signature phono stage ($8500) -- drove Wilson Audio speakers, this time the brand-new Alexia ($48,500/pair), to produce one of the show's superior sounds. - read more
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 • Three Days in Denver: Sunday
The Audio Beat
In any other year the spectacular presentations by mbl, VAC, Apex Audio and Audio Research, to name but a few, would have been easy choices for the toppermost of the poppermost. This year, however, there was no real competition for the world debut of Wilson Audio’s boundary-smashing Alexia loudspeaker - read more
Best Sound of Show: Wilson Audio
This was a clear winner. Always full of Wilson Audio admirers, the large room was set up perfectly. The gear was professionally presented by Luke Manley of VTL and Debby Wilson of Wilson Audio. Mr. Wilson attended the show on Friday - read more
Ultra High End Review
...By now you are probably thinking that the Alexia is the Sasha’s big brother. I believe that would be a mischaracterization as, except for its footprint, the Alexia has much more in common with its larger siblings than it does the Sasha... - read more
Stereophile Review
Beyond all doubt, the most heralded debut at a show filled with more product debuts than could fit in our show preview was the unveiling of the Wilson Audio Alexia loudspeaker ($48,500/pair). Introduced at back-to-back press conferences, the speaker and its elite companions made a stunning impression… - read more
The Absolute Sound  - by Jonathan Valin
…Be all this as it may, sonically the Alexia was a mixed bag. I listened to it twice—once at the start of the show with Dave Wilson’s own (truly great) recording of the Debussy Violin Sonata (would that he would reissue this performance on vinyl!) and “Take the A Train” from M&K’s (equally great) direct-to-disc recording For Duke, and once on the last day of the show with a variety of my own LPs, including the superb Argo recording of the Shostakovich First Piano Concerto. On both occasions, the sound was beautiful and enjoyable with absolutely sensational dynamics (this speaker, like all Wilson’s, has extraordinary transient response in the midband and sensationally lifelike weight in the power range). The trouble for me was that the bass, though extremely powerful, seemed on both occasions plummy and not particularly deep-reaching. (I can’t imagine it was going much below 60Hz in the largish second-floor Marriott suite)… - read more
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 • Hot Products
The Audio Beat
The Alexia ($48,500/pair) is Wilson Audio's first all-new stereo speaker since the initial Alexandria; we'll split hairs and say that the Sasha W/P was based on the wildly successful WATT/Puppy series. There are similarities between the Alexia and Sasha. including a similar footprint -- the Alexia is just two inches wider and deeper than the Sasha. However, the Alexia uses new 8" and 10" woofers and different versions of Wilson Audio's composite midrange and silk-dome tweeter. Its three-piece cabinet is more adjustable and, as the picture shows, more contoured (and lovely) as well. Yet, the Alexia was designed to work well in rooms where the smaller Sasha already resides while still filling larger spaces… - read more