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Wilson Audio App
Wilson Audio is now available on your iOS devices with features never before seen with Wilson Audio products.

Features Include:
  • Products shown in a rotatable 360 degree view
  • "Imagine" feature allows you to virtually view any current product right in your room
  • Color swatches give visual feedback on what paint/grill color combinations work in your room
  • Detailed product information and specifications for all current products
  • Retired product information (more will be added in future updates)
  • Product photo galleries
  • Access to all current and retired product manuals
  • Quick access to product alignment nomographs
  • Quick access to all current and retired product resistor values
  • Easy to use "Dealer Locator", by zip-code or navigating a 3D Globe
  • Access to Wilson Audio's online presence (Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channel)

Wilson Audio App on phone Instructions for downloading

Before downloading the Wilson Audio Application Suite, you need to have an iTunes account. If you do not have an iTunes account,visit Apple's iTunes website ( to set up your account. Follow the instructions below that apply to your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) to install the application. This process is the same as downloading any app from the iTunes App Store.

Downloading the Wilson Audio Application Suite to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch do the following:

   1.  Tap "App Store" icon on your iOS device home screen
   2.  Tap "Search" on the bottom navigation bar
   3.  Type "Wilson Audio" into the search bar and tap the "Search" button in the lower right corner
   4.  Scroll down until you see the "Wilson Audio" icon, tap the icon

Wilson Audio App on phone 2
   5.  Tap the "Free" button, the button will turn into an "Install" button
   6.  Tap the "Install" button to download
   7.  Enter your iTunes account password. You should only have to enter your username
once and your iPhone will remember it, but you will need to always enter a password
to prevent just anyone from downloading apps to your iOS device.
   8.  The "Wilson Audio" icon will appear on your home screen and you will see the App
downloading. Once your iOS device has started downloading the App,
a status bar will show up to indicate how long it will take to download.
   9.  When the App is finished downloading it is ready to explore.
  10.  OR, you may want to click the link provide below ("Available on the App Store") to
download the app to your iTunes library, then sync your iOS device to your iTunes
  11.  OR, you may want to scan the QR Code provided below with a QR Code reader on your iOS
device and you will be directed to the Wilson Audio Application Suite in the Apple App Store.

There are some exciting additions that are coming in future updates. We hope you enjoy the Wilson Audio Application Suite and look forward to your comments regarding the app.

Wilson Audio App on pad Wilson Audio App QR code