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Introduction  •  The Genesis of Polaris  •  Polaris as a Center Channel  •  Polaris as a Low Profile Loudspeaker  •  Technology  •  Specifications

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Polaris Polaris—the North Star—anchors the rotating night sky as the immovable center above the north pole. The task of a center channel loudspeaker is to provide the still point around which swirl the action, music, and emotion of the home theater experience.

Polaris—the star—is in reality a triple star system. Similarly, Polaris™—the loudspeaker—was conceived to serve more than a single function. Polaris is a low-profile flagship speaker designed to solve architectural challenges such as where a tall loudspeaker would obstruct a window view or intersect a wall-to-wall theater screen. Whether it is employed as a reference quality center channel, or as a low-profile music system, Polaris is engineered to achieve the same levels of performance as Wilson Audio's flagship loudspeakers, Alexandria® Series 2 and MAXX® Series 3.

Polaris, MAXX 3, and Alexandria X-2

To create a low profile loudspeaker worthy to occupy the same space (literally or figuratively) as Alexandria and MAXX meant that several design challenges had to be met.

Polaris had to incorporate Wilson's flagship loudspeakers' characteristic tonal accuracy and coherence. It had to meet the same standards of dynamic contrast and speed. Finally, it had to achieve the level of transparency, detail, and spatial resolution that set Alexandria and MAXX at the pinnacle of audio art.

In short, the same synergy of drivers, cabinet materials, crossovers and Aspherical Propagation Delay geometry that distinguish Wilson's state-of-the-art loudspeakers had to work in a radically new form factor—a reference quality center channel and low-profile loudspeaker.