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Center Channel
The Center 3.s front baffle is angled upward, directing the sound more correctly at the listener's ears, especially important when the Center is mounted low, beneath a screen. The Center 3 utilizes X-Material in both tweeter and woofer enclosures. S-Material, Wilson's latest composite first used in the Sasha, now finds its place in the Center 3's mid-woofer baffle. The new cabinet minimizes enclosure resonances and enhances the Center's settling characteristics, allowing for better microdynamics and deeper shades of black.

The WATCH Center Series 3 sources its tweeter from the Sasha W/P and Sophia Series 3. This proven design is slightly more efficient than the tweeter it replaces. It is also more expressive of both large and small scale dynamics. Most importantly, it is better suited and matched to the Wilson midrange driver.

The acclaimed Wilson midrange was developed originally for the Alexandria Series 2 by Dave Wilson and his team of engineers. The Wilson mid was born of countless hours of listening to live, unamplified music in the great concert halls of the world, most notably the Musikverein in Vienna. Design goals were natural timbre, dynamic alacrity, and high-resolution. Dave was particularly concerned with resolving the very early reflections he heard when listening to live music, but which where missing in all previous loudspeaker designs in his experience. In order to resolve this subtle transient information, Dave knew the new driver must exhibit very fast and controlled settling time.the behavior of the driver's cone just after an initial transient.

To capitalize on the performance advantages of the Wilson midrange driver, a complete redesign of the crossover was in order for WATCH Center 3. Along with the latest in Wilson's unique anti-jitter technology, which accounts for interactions between high- and low-pass filters, special attention was given to the crossover's signal path and component layout, with measurable reductions in component interaction. The new crossover allows the Wilson mid to "speak" articulately from a near-silent background.

WATCH: Center Channel
Top View of the WATCH Center Channel
WATCH: Center Channel
Side View of the WATCH Center Channel
WATCH: Center Channel
Detail showing the Propagation Delay Adjustment on the Center Channel Tweeter module