Award - Ultra-High-End Loudspeaker of the Year
The Absolute Sound - 2013
Award - Best Performance of the Year
Audio Art - 2014
Award - Speaker System of the Year
21HiFi - 2014
Award - AXPONA 2016 Top 10 Award
Enjoy the Music - 2016
Award - Audio Excellence
Review - Alexia
Review - Alexia
Review - Golden Ear Award: Anthony Cordesman
Review - Alexia
Review - Alexia


With the WATT/Puppy, Wilson Audio launched perhaps the most successful compact high-performance loudspeaker in audio history, as the thousands of units in use around the world attest. At the same time, Dave Wilson and his engineering team have constantly pushed the absolute boundaries of music reproduction in products like the Alexandria XLF. The musicality of the big Wilson speakers is due in no small part to their unrivaled ability to time-align the leading edge of waveforms from each driver for any specified listening position and ear height.

For WATT/Puppy and Sasha owners, this added dimension of performance has only been available by trading up to the MAXX Series 3 or the Alexandrias—a choice often rendered impractical by room size. Now, those constrained by their listening environments who crave the next level of musical realism have a new answer in the Alexia.



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