Award - Golden Eye
The Perfect Vision - 2004
Award - Editor's Choice
The Perfect Vision - 2004

Watch Center Channel

The WATCH® system [Wilson Audio Theater Comes Home] was born out of the recognition that the same factors that greatly enhance the emotional impact of music reproduction are applicable to motion picture soundtracks. Some interesting trials validate a counter-intuitive thesis: when viewers were asked to rate the impact of two different home theater systems—one with larger, better quality video, but with a middling sound system, and the second with a smaller screen but a state-of-the-art audio system—they invariably chose the latter system as the more emotionally involving.

The result would hardly surprise people who make movies. Since the advent of the “talkies,” filmmakers have realized that dialogue, music, and sound effects carry a disproportionate weight of the emotion in a motion picture.

Introducing the newest iteration of Wilson’s venerated center channel loudspeaker: the Convergent Synergy edition.



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