WATCH Center Channel Series-3


Reproducing the emotional impact of live music through two-channel reproduction has been the organizing passion of Wilson Audio since its inception over four decades ago. Applying the same experience and expertise to multi-channel theater systems was simply the natural extension of that passion.


Convergent Synergy Tweeter

With the advent of the Sabrina, and the recent introduction of the Sasha Series 2, it became clear that a Convergent Synergy version of the WATCH center was needed. This version of the WATCH center is perfect for those systems that use the Sabrina, Sasha Series 2, or Alexia as the main left and right speakers. The Alexia version of the Convergent Synergy Tweeter is used. As found in the Mezzo and Polaris centers, the tweeter grill features a grill frame designed specifically to reduce diffraction and unwanted reflections.

Adjustable Tweeter Module:

Wilson center-channel loudspeakers have always been modular and adjustable in the time domain. The adjustable tweeter module facilitates precise time alignment between the center channel and the front stereo speakers, creating a completely coherent and three-dimensional sound field. With the sophisticated tweeter-module mounting hardware, these adjustments are achieved with precision and ease.

Baffle Geometry and Enclosure Materials

The WATCH Convergent Synergy’s front baffle is angled upward at a 9- degree angle (the ideal angle for the inverted-dome titanium tweeter version of the WATCH center is 15 degrees) to optimize the alignment of the tweeter to the listener.

Like all Wilson loudspeakers, the WATCH Convergent Synergy utilizes proprietary composites, chosen specifically to ideally suit the needs of that portion of the enclosure. The WATCH Convergent Synergy utilizes X- Material in both tweeter and woofer enclosures. S-Material, Wilson’s composite developed for its midrange beauty and veracity, is used in the mid-woofer baffle. Like in its floor-standing siblings, Wilson’s composites, along with strategic bracing and reinforcement, reduce enclosure resonances and enhance settling characteristics, allowing for better microdynamics and deeper shades of black.



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