The CUB precision loudspeaker has been carefully designed to provide superb, uncolored, limited full frequency range response in a single enclosure. Due to successful research on the WATT/PUPPY and X-1 Grand SLAMM systems, the CUB has a sonic character quite similar to its larger predecessors.

Using structural enclosure, speaker driver, and time alignment technologies developed for the WATT/PUPPY and the X-1 Grand SLAMM, the CUB is truly the thoroughbred of its class, and is well suited to carrying on the heritage of Wilson Audio speakers.

CUB Series 2 Technical Specifications

Released: 2000   
Retired: 2005


1 - 1 inch Inverted Titanium Oxide
2 - 6 1/2 inch Drivers

Enclosures & Materials

MDF with X-Material Baffle


4 ohm (Nominal)
Frequency Response
+0, -3 dB 45 Hz - 22.5 kHz
94 dB (2.83 volts at 1 meter)
Minimum Amplification
7 Watts per channel

Overall Dimensions

Front Ported
2 Forward Firing
Approx. Weight Per Channel - 75 lbs.