Duette Series 2 - Design

 Duette is a unique product in the audio world: a loudspeaker engineered to provide state of the art audiophile performance in installations typically anathema to good sound, namely when the speaker must be placed near a wall, either on stands or in a bookshelf or cabinet. Now Duette Series 2 further refines and perfects that objective, with features such as a new stand with an integrated crossover, new cabinet design and bracing for better resonance control, and tweeter technology derived from Alexia. The designers and engineers responsible for Duette Series 2 illustrate these features in this in-depth video introduction. 


Duette Series 2 benefits from the myriad technical innovations introduced at Wilson Audio since the introduction of the original Duette over six years ago. For instance, the new tweeter utilizes the rear wave damping technology developed for the Wilson Convergent Synergy tweeter first employed in Alexandria XLF and subsequently in Alexia.

Custom Platform

Based on feedback from how our customers were actually using Duette, with Series 2 we decided to forgo the original’s freestanding option and focus on a speaker designed solely for near-boundary installations. Conventional audiophile wisdom holds that placing a loudspeaker near-wall or in a bookshelf inevitably compromises performance. Our determination, however, was to demonstrate that near-boundary placement need not engender sonic compromise. Duette Series 2 is engineered to provide similar levels of soundstage depth and detail, harmonic expression, and dynamic contrast as our floorstanding speakers.

Color Options


Galaxy Gray

GT Silver




Obsidian Black


Diamond Black

Crimson Satin

Fly Yellow

Estoril Blue

Nara Bronze

Pur Sang Rouge

Cobalt Blue Satin


Classic Orange

Oak Green


Saffron Pearl

Bergamot Pearl

Cranberry Pearl

Olympia Pearl

Viola Pearl