Still the absolute finest music system available today. In its Series VII version, the WAMM possessed unrivaled harmonic rightness, startling dynamic contrasts, with the ability to flow with the music like none other - this was the world's ultimate personalized reference speaker system.

It included a high performance equalizer and low frequency electronic crossover. Custom calibration was done by David Wilson in person, in your listening room.

WAMM Series 7A Technical Specifications

Released: 1992   
Retired: 2003


Midrange Modules
2 - WA Built M7 Modules
Midrange Modules
2 -4 inch Drivers
Midrange Modules
2 - 1 inch Titanium Dome Tweeter
Electrostatic Module
Electrostatic High-Frequency Array (15 Panels)
Lower Module
2 - 7 inch x 9 inch
Subwoofer Tower Woofer
1 - 15 inch


Full Range Array Impedance
4 ohms
Subwoofer Tower Impedance
16 ohms
Tower Array Frequency Response
30 kHz
Subwoofer Tower Frequency Response
17 Hz - 40 Hz
99 dB @ 1 Watt @ 1 Meter
Minimum Amplification
20 Watts


Full Range Array Height
78 inches
18.75 inches
31.75 inches
Full Range Array Weight
380 lbs.
Subwoofer Tower Height
78 inches
24 inches
15 inches
Subwoofer Tower Weight
265 lbs.
Total System Weight
1,290 lbs.
Approximate Shipping Weight
2,000 lbs.

Enclosures & Materials

Cabinet Material