The WATCH (Wilson Audio Theater Come Home) surround system was designed to offer a more compact and versatile home theater option for those with limited space. Purchasing a surround system design by Wilson Audio insures the very best possible integration with your Wilson Audio stereo loudspeakers. The Watch system is designed to integrate with the Sophia,WATT/Puppy, MAXX and, in many instances, the Alexandria. 

Using structural enclosure, speaker driver, and geometric time alignment technologies developed for the WATT/Puppy, MAXX, and the X-1 Grand SLAMM,the WATCH system is truly the thoroughbred of its class and is well-suited to carry on the heritage of Wilson Audio speakers.

WATCH Center Channel Series 1 Technical Specifications

Released: 2000   
Retired: 2010


2 - 6.5 inch {16.51 cm}
1 - 1 inch {2.54 cm} Inverted Titanium Dome
94 dB (2.00 V measured at 1 meter)
Nominal Impedance
4 ohms
Minimum Amplifier Power
7 WATTS per channel
Frequency Response (with port contribution)
45 Hz - 22.5 kHz (+ 0, -3 dB)

Overall Dimensions

12.5 inches {31.75 cm}
20 inches {50.8 cm}
16 inches {40.64 cm}
Uncrated Weight
70 lbs {31.82 kgs}
System Shipping Weight (approx.)
95 lbs. {43.18 kgs}