Specifically designed to excel at center channel functions, WATCH Center is extremely dynamic with high sensitivity and robust power handling. Unlike most center channels, it provides listeners not only with optimal on-axis response, but also smooth, linear, off-axis performance. This is, in part, a result of Wilson PDC (Propa-gation Delay Correction) technology first developed for the WAMM® and X-1 Grand SLAMM® systems and later applied to the rest of the Wilson Line.

WATCH Center Channel Series 2 Technical Specifications

Released: 2007   
Retired: 2011


4 ohm
95 dB SPL @ 2.83 volts at 1 meter
Frequency Response
55 Hz to 25 kHz

Overall Dimensions

Center Channel Height
13 13/16” (35.14 cm)
Center Channel Depth
17 11/16” (44.96 cm)
Center Channel Width
20” (50.80 cm)
Stand Height (without spikes)
14” (35.56 cm)
Stand Depth
17” (43.18 cm)
Stand Width
15” (38.10 cm)
Weight Uncrated
Speaker Weight
63 lbs (28.58 kg)
Stand Weight
51 lbs (23.13 kg)
Shipping Weight (approximate)
Center Channel
120 lbs (54.43 kg)
Matching Stand
55 lbs (24.95 kg)