The X-1 Grand SLAMM Level 5 was an available upgrade for existing X-1 Grand SLAMM Series 3's, which incorporated many innovations from the Alexandria.

A new, Alexandria-style mechanized coupling system was implemented. This unique system improves dynamic resolution, reduces cabinet induced coloration, and enhances overall retrieval of fine detail.

The new module suspension effectively allows for more consistent and user friendly placement of the upper heads. This new feature facilitates more accurate positioning of the three module individually for correct group delay alignment.

X-1 Grand SLAMM Level 5 Technical Specifications

Released: 2006   


1 - 12 Inch (30.5 cm)
1 - 15 inch (38 cm)
2 - 7 Inch, 18 cm
1 - 1 Inch Front Firing
2 - 1 Inch Rear Firing


95dB (2.83 Volts at 1 meter)
Frequency Response
19.5 Hz to 22.5 kHz (-3dB SPL)
Minimum Amp Power
20 Watts/per channel